Do you have a housing issue that you need our help with?

Whatever the problem with your current housing situation we are able to provide you with the information and advice that you need.  We are here to help you understand your rights and responsibilities.  Please visit us or call if you have a housing related enquiry.

Below is a small selection of issues that we are presented with on a daily basis.


You are homeless if you haven’t got a suitable permanent home.  You might think that only people who sleep on the streets are homeless but Milton Keynes has a large number of “hidden homeless”. If your home is unsuitable for you to live in, or you have no right to stay in it you could be classified as homeless.

Get advice immediately if you think you might become homeless – with the right help you might be able to stay in or return to your home.

Homelessness can happen to anyone, its important to know who can help you if you end up in this situation.  Milton Keynes Council might be able to provide you with accommodation, help you to get money for a deposit or help you to stay in your own home if you are in danger of losing it.

Follow this link to find out more about homelessness due to disrepair in your property

Neighbourhood Disputes

Getting involved in your neighbourhood can be a great way to settle into your new home.  When problems crop up with neighbours, it’s best to try to resolve these between yourselves, but you may be able to get help from the council or other organisations if this isn’t possible.

Everyone wants neighbours they can get along with, but we’re not all this lucky. If your neighbours are seriously harassing or intimidating you, you might find this link useful.

Noise and  Nuisance Problems

Before contacting the council about a noise problem try to resolve it yourself.  Often, people aren’t aware of how loud certain noises are and how sound can carry into other people’s homes. If there’s a residents’ association in your building or community it may be able to help you resolve the noise problems.

People have a right to behave normally in their homes.  Living in apartments and flats can be noisy, particularly if there’s someone living above you, but you may have to learn to live with certain noise; like footsteps, doors closing and the noise of a vacuum cleaner.  If you have to regularly raise the volume of your television beyond an acceptable level to drown out noise from a neighbour, you may have a reason to complain.

Follow this link for information on how to deal with noise and nuisance problems

Private Tenants

Renting privately can be a great option for many people. There is a wide range of rented property available. Make sure you know what type of property you need and what area you would like to live in.  When you start looking for a property, you should be sure about what you want and what you can afford.

Renting privately is more flexible than other forms of housing. You can move into a place quickly, accommodation is often furnished to a good standard and you’re not tied to a property for a long period of time.  On the other hand, renting privately can be expensive, you don’t usually have any long term rights to stay in the property and the availability and type of accommodation can vary widely throughout Milton Keynes.

Follow this link to find out about your basic rights whilst privately renting

Please use this link to find out what information you should bring with you when you visit us with a housing related problem.