Family & relationships

Some of the clients we see are at a loss as to the first steps of separating from a long standing relationship or marriage. We have information available to help to make their first steps a little easier. We have access to 3 family law solicitor firms who are able to provide free legal advice to our clients. After an initial assessment we will be able to determine if this is the best cause of action for you.

We also have the option to refer you to one of our partnership agencies if the particular problem you are experiencing could be resolved by this means:

If you are experiencing domestic violence in the form of physical or mental abuse a referral by us to MKACT may be more appropriate for you.

You may be experiencing relationship problems and Relate may be an option that you might like to consider.   We are able to refer you to Relate but please be advised there maybe a fee payable for their service.

We are able to help with the legalities surrounding the death of a family member or close relative. We can advise on your responsibilities and help to understand what happens if someone dies without making a will.

We can provide information and advice on how to manage the affairs of someone else. This can include a number of things:

Looking after their savings, investments, bank accounts or other financial affairs. Buying or selling property on their behalf. Claiming and spending welfare benefits on their behalf, deciding where they live and making decisions about their day to day personal care or healthcare.

You can see that we are able to offer a wide range of help, support, information and advice on every aspect of family related matters.  Please visit us or call.

Please use this link to find out what information you should bring with you when you visit us.