What is research & campaigns?

One of the aims of the Citizens Advice Service is ‘to improve the policies and practices that affect people‚Äôs lives’ and this is what is known as ‘policy and campaigns work’.

Some policies affecting the Citizens Advice Services clients are national, such as immigration. Some are national but administered according to local policies and practices such as housing benefit, community care, housing, health and education. Others are local, such as local authority collection of council tax arrears or school uniform grants.

All of us are affected by the rules (policies) and ways of working (practices) which shape the services and benefits that we all rely on.

Our advice work helps people solve a particular problem, policy and campaigns work tackles the cause of the problem and stops it from happening to others.

We campaign in various ways, for example writing reports on issues that affect our clients in Milton Keynes and sending them to key people like MPs and the council as well as lobbying Government asking for changes to be made.

Our campaign work is evidence based and we often ask clients to get involved to ensure their voice is heard. We currently do this by contacting the client to see if they would agree to speak about a particular issue with a third party e.g. the council so that the third party has a real life example of the hardship a particular policy may have on people.

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